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Greka owns over one billion barrels of hydrocarbons in place spread over 15000 mineral acres of productive area, of which less than 10% oil has been produced to date. The majority of the wells and mineral arces are concentrated along the central coast of California.

The Santa Maria Valley has been a significant oil and gas producing area since the early 1900’s. The initial companies producing in the area included most of the super major such as Union Oil, Texaco, Shell, Chevron, Exxon and later Conoco Phillips. These companies drilled thousands of wells and created an infrastructure of pipelines and facilities that are still used in energy production today. Several productive oil and gas pay zones were discovered, but these companies focused between 6’ – 8’ in the Monterey zone. In focusing on the Monterey zone, these majors passed through a shallow zone yielding abundant and heavier oil that is the Refinery feed stock today. Over the years, as the major oil companies elected to reduce their assets, several smaller oil production companies acquired these assets. Two of the most significant were Saba Petroleum and Vintage Petroleum whose assets was subsequently acquired and consolidated by Greka. In addition, Greka acquired the man made island, Rincon Island Limited, constructed by Arco in 1959.

Greka’s oil and gas interests are concentrated in California within four counties:



Central Coast (Santa Barbara County)
Greka owns and operates several fields including Cat Canyon, Casmalia, Gato Ridge, Zaca and Los Flores in which there are over 1500 wells.

North Belridge (Kern County)
Greka owns and operates within the iconic Belridge field in which there are over 50 wells.

Richfield East Dome Unit (Orange County)
Richfield is spread across densely populated area in which the Company operates over 200 wells.

Rincon (Ventura County)
The Rincon Field covers approximately 1700 mineral acres, including a
1-acre island connected to land by a 2700 ft. causeway containing the gas and oil pipelines and facilitating vehicular access. In 2002, Greka acquired the asset of Rincon Island which owns and operates over 100 wells in this field.